Our Story 🌴

A little flower picking on a school trip got us wanting to make perfume… mom thought we were kidding…I was 4 years old at the time…so it started off as an afternoon experiment with my brothers…

My younger brother, then 3, enjoyed mixing the different essences, while my older brother, then 8, decided that a part of the proceeds should be donated to charity ... Lots of fun experimenting later and we had our fragrances!

And just like that The Little Perfumers were born: made by kids, for kids.🐒

Our Little Mission

With a pay it forward approach, Little Perfumers commits to every product sold a percentage will go towards helping Children in need. Thus creating a sustainable and socially responsible brand.

Our Little Vision

To reach the hearts and homes of many; locally and globally; in order to create a sustainable impact and improve the lives of children around the world.