Our Journey 🌸

A few years ago my middle child came home from a school trip wanting to make perfume. 
He was just 4 years old, we weren’t sure if we should take it seriously, but he was quite insistent. We grinded flowers, added some water and other ingredients thinking that would be the end of it.
He wasn’t satisfied and kept insisting we do it properly. 

His insistence got us researching how perfumes were made and we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon in our kitchen creating different mixtures. 
My youngest, then 3 years old, was the first to suggest different mixtures, while my eldest, then 8 years old, was more interested in the business side of things, specifically philanthropy. He decided that a part of the proceeds should be donated to children’s charities. 

Little did we know the revolution was about to start in Lebanon, followed by a worldwide lockdown and then an explosion. 
Our house was destroyed in the blast and that’s when we moved to Dubai. 

Even after all that time passed, my children kept reminding me about their perfume project. 

As a family, we had other health challenges to face, I decided that during this rough time to use our family time as an opportunity to teach them how to bring their ideas to life. The idea being turning a negative experience into a positive one.

We set about learning how to establish a company and all the details required before starting one.
We searched for factories that could produce their samples and the kids decided on the final fragrance.
We worked on the branding together and the children decided on the logo, the product, the bottles, the packaging and what to put in the gift set.

And just like that The Little Perfumers was born: a fragrance made by kids, for kids, with a pay it forward concept to ease the plight of kids in need.